International Piano Festival

The Guitar Department at London School of Arts offers you the most comprehensive guitar education in all styles. We provide one to one Guitar Lessons in Electric, Acoustic and Classical Guitar allowing you to select either of these as your principal instrument.

We offer you professional faculty who are specialists in each discipline, course work specifically designed to enhance your talents and abilities.

You can choose to learn to play an instrument for fun as well as Grade exams. Grade programs are designed for students who have 2-3 years of experience in learning how to play the instrument and that have passed late beginner levels.

Examinations can be an extremely motivating and positive experience for students when used in the correct way. We know that exams are important not just for level assessment but for school points students may get but they should not be the ONLY focus of a musician’s education. We do not ‘fast track’ a pupil through exams by compromising on the development of secure musical foundations.

Exams start at beginner level and progress to professional Diplomas.

RGT@LCM guitar exams are organized by London College of Music Exams (one of the world's most respected music examination boards, established since 1887) and certificated by the University of West London.

From Grade One onwards RGT@LCM grade exams are regulated by the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) and UCAS points are awarded for Grade 6 and above.

10 exam grades are available, ranging from Step 1 (for beginners) up to Grade 8 (for aspiring professional musicians & teachers).

London School of Art’s is one of the exam centers in London therefore all the RGT guitar exams are held in our building which makes our own student’s life easier.

Grade exams require a high level of commitment through regular practice as well as a strong parental involvement. It’s the parent’s responsibility to encourage and monitor student is practicing at home. Minimum 20mins 4 times a week is required. As the grades get higher of course more time is needed to put in practice.

Benefits of Taking grade exams are as follows:

• Gain a useful and internationally recognized qualification.

• Find out, via a reliable and independent assessment, what standard your playing is.

• Achieve your playing potential by setting yourself a clear target to aspire to.

• Preparing for the exam will help you develop all aspects of your playing in a structured way, increase your knowledge of guitar techniques and music theory.


Age Group Day Duration Pricing
All Ages and Levels 7 days a week / Every day 30 min Start from £16.50
All Ages and Levels 7 days a week / Every day 45 min Start from £24
All Ages and Levels 7 days a week / Every day 60 min Start from £32